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Consumer Protection Class Action

Consumers are protected under certain laws and sometimes a product leaves more than one person dealing with injuries or an illness. A class action is a lawsuit that will be used for more than one individual and, instead of having numerous cases, are handled through the same lawsuit.


Drugs and medical devices are designed to heal and help; some, however, are not always tested as as they should be and devices can malfunction or be used incorrectly. This leads to many negative side effects and often by the time a product is recalled, people have already been harmed. Criterion Law in Kansas City can help if you have have been injured. 


We at Criterion Law in Kansas City have assisted clients in obtaining compensation when another person negligently damaged their property. In several cases we were forced to sue  a  moving companies after their employees stole, lost, or destroyed thousands of dollars worth of property.  Our clients were fully compensated for their loss even though the moving company did not want to pay more than thirty-three cents per point per item.