While very few people suffer injury following a vaccination for the ones who are the injury could be serious and in some cases can cause death. If you or someone you know were injured after a vaccine contact Criterion Law in Kansas City to discuss your options and the US Vaccine Injury Program.  

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Criterion Law represents clients facing criminal charges in the greater Kansas City area and other areas of Missouri. Contact us today to discuss your case. If I am not available to assist you in your criminal matter I can point you to other qualified attorneys in your area who can assist with your case.

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If you’re reading this unfortunately you, or someone you care about was likely one of the millions of people in the U.S. who are injured due to the negligent act of another. Contact the dedicated team at Criterion Law to discuss your personal injury claim. Let us deal with the legal issues so you can focus on what really matters - healing. Our legal team has been recognized among the best personal injury lawyers in Kansas City by Best of the Bar.  

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Consumers are protected under certain laws and sometimes a product leaves more than one person dealing with injuries or an illness. A class action is a lawsuit that will be used for more than one individual and, instead of having numerous cases, are handled through the same lawsuit.